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 Character Template

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Character Template   Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:44 am

Alright, for the time being, anyone can apply for any available rank but those who do must add an RP sample at the bottom of template. The higher the rank you're going for, the better the quality of your sample is required. NO CANON CHARACTERS unless otherwise stated. However, you may create a character that happens to be related to a canon character in some way. No rinnegan relatives.

When you create your character, you are allowed a number of jutsu to start with depending on your rank:

Genin=(D-Rank)====== 5 D-Rank and 1 C-Rank jutsu
Chunin=(C->B-Rank)===5 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 5 B-Rank
Jonin=(A->S-Rank)====10 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 5 B-Rank, 3 A-Rank
Kage=(S-Rank)======10 D-Rank, 10 C-Rank, 10 B-Rank, 7 A-Rank, 5 S-Rank

Name: (What is your character's name? Last name, First name format.)

Age: (How old is your character?)

Appearance: (I need a good description here. Pictures are nice but regardless, I need a detailed description of your character; height, hairstyle, clothes, etc. If you need help here, let us know.)

Personality: (Describe your character's personality in detail. Likes and dislikes? What makes your character mad? Does he/she get mad? Is your character happy most of the time or are they just melancholy? These are SOME of the questions you should ask yourself when filling this out.)

Clan: (Is your character part of a clan? If you want to specify, your character can be part of a clan and not know it yet, like naruto)

Village: (What village does your character live or originate from? If none, type "rogue")

Element: (What is your starting chakra element? Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, or Lightning)

Rank: (What rank is your ninja? Must add RP sample for ranks higher than genin. If you have no village, you rank yourself following the jutsu chart above, remember, the higher the rank the more is expected from your app.")
Biography: (Tell us about your character's history. This factors in with the process of getting a high rank in the beginning. If starting as genin, try to write at least 2 to 6 paragraphs)

RP Sample: (You don't have to add this unless you are applying for a high position.)

Copy and use the template below to fill out application. DO NOT POST HERE


[b][u]RP Sample:[/b][/u]

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Character Template
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