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 Team Rules

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PostSubject: Team Rules   Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:09 am

All of the teams will be led by a jounin and there will be a three member of genins.
The purpose of this is to make any missions easier.
But once you became a jounin and up you must leave your team because its time for you to make you own team.

It's that simple ^^

Now, of course, there are some perks to being part of a team:

1. Points needed to learn certain jutsu are automatically cut in half. This means, if used in conjunction with a mission reward that cuts the points needed to learn a certain jutsu in half, you can learn it for free.

2. When doing team missions, everyone on the team has to post at least once which means, you don't have to write all of the words on your own, however, some missions are geared towards a single ninja.

3. Your Jonin sensei can recommend you for the chunin exams, which you need unless special permission is gained.

4. Your sensei can teach you jutsu he/she knows for free but the both of you must add a training post of learning the technique.

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Team Rules
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