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 Sage Mode

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PostSubject: Sage Mode    Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:14 pm

"Ooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhh"
That's right, ladies and gentlemen. THIS IS SAGE MODE! (Crowd cheers)

Alright, I'll stop fooling around. Now for those of you who know about sage jutsu know that there are some requirements you need in order to take on becoming a sage. For example, you have to have a good control over senjutsu.


1. There is only to be 5 sages per scroll. We're seriously considering cutting this number so keep a lookout for rule updates.

2. You have to specialize in summoning jutsu. Now of course in the ninja world, you have access to many different types of jutsu but kuchiyose no jutsu(summing jutsu) has to be your trump card or signature move, if you will. I know that sounds kind of confusing but think of it this way, you MUST use a summoning jutsu at least once every two battles. Don't worry about keeping track, we'll be watching.

3. Limited senjutsu. Whether you mastered senjutsu like naruto or semi-mastered it like jiraiya, you can only keep your form going for a limited amount of time(posts). Depending on how well you mastered it will determine how much you get.

4. I'm sorry...but no jinchuuriki sages. I know it might kind of suck for those who were going for it and it might make people who were afraid that they might have to fight them, relieved but that's just WAY too much power. Either one or the other.

5. No curse mark and sage mode. Come on. Let's be real. Do you really need all that power. Completely unnecessary. I would've added this to rule number 4 but I wanted to make sure you understand this.


1. The cost to start training in senjutsu is 250 points.

2. Must be ranked chuunin or higher before you can train for it. If you are a missing-nin or wandering ninja it costs 300 points.

3. Once approved by a mod or admin, you can begin training.
You must make a training post of 1.5k words of how you learned it to be at Jiraiya's mastery level or 3k to completely master it.


1. There are several ways to activate sage mode:

a. Stay completely still for 1 post. (This means your wide open for attack, no blocking, countering, etc. If your opponent moves you at all, you have to start again.)

b. Have an animal summon fuse with your body and collect sage chakra for you while you fight for two posts.

c. Have a shadow clone collect sage chakra from your animal summon's home land and summon it. (Now, you can't just come into battle and say, "Oh, I had a clone collecting chakra for me, let me show you what I mean." No. What you can do is leave the shadow clone in your animal summon's home land and collect chakra in a previous forum topic and THEN you can come into battle and shoot your mouth off to your opponent.)

2. Regardless of what method you choose, you are only allowed to activate sage mode 2 times over the course of a battle.

3. If you did the mastery at 1.5k words, you can maintain sage mode for 2 posts.
If you did the mastery at 3k words, you can maintain sage mode for 4 posts.

4. You can't go pulling random jutsu out of the air in sage mode to show off your enhanced jutsu. You have to register it first. You are allowed to register all your enhanced sage art moves at once but you are only allowed 3. You can add more with points:
100 points: 4th sage art
150 points: 5th sage art
200 points: 6th sage art

I believe that's it...You can register the sage jutsu in the custom jutsu registration page. Just put "sage" somewhere in the title of your post.

DO NOT POST HERE! Thank you Cool
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Sage Mode
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