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 Clan Template

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PostSubject: Clan Template   Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:35 pm

Now, to form a clan, you must have 3 or more people willing to join you. Once the clan is created, regardless of what your last names are, your last names will change to the clan name.

Clan Name: (What is the name of your clan?)

Founders: (Who are the founders of this clan?)

Home village: (Where is your clan's home?)

Emblem/Insignia: (Do you have a emblem or insignia that represents your clan? Ex: Uchiha's symbol is a fan; symbolic of fanning the flames of Konoha. Pictures and/or descriptions are fine.)

Tradition/Customs: (What are your traditions and/or customs. This could be something like, the men in your clan go though a test of manhood at a specific age, to the type of clothes exclusive to your clan, to the type of abilities they learn. Be very descriptive. Use pictures if you like. Make your application look good so that newcomers may want to join.)

Copy and use the template below.


[b][u]Clan Name:[/b][/u]


[b][u]Home village:[/b][/u]


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Clan Template
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