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 Curse Mark Rules

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PostSubject: Curse Mark Rules   Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:49 am

The curse mark is somewhat like "The Eight Gates" but you don't have to go through strenuous training and it doesn't cause nearly as much damage to the body of the user.

1. To obtain a curse mark, for the time being, just create an application and have it approved

2. Must create a post of AT LEAST 300 words. These are the requirements of your post:
-The whole post must be a dream you are having pertaining to getting the mark. (How you get the mark in your dream is entirely up to you.)
-The post must end with you waking up in a cold sweat and you finding the mark somewhere on your body.

3. The curse mark can be activated by choice or if you're starting to lose(or die). The point of the mark itself is to increase the power and abilities you already have and that's exactly what it does. Power boost. At level 1, your mark will last you until the end of the battle as it tends to take more control with the more chakra you lose.

4. Level 2 is a work in progress but there will be a separate.
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Curse Mark Rules
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