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 Curse Mark Template

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PostSubject: Curse Mark Template   Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:02 pm

Curse Mark Appearance: (What does the mark look like? Pictures are good, just explain how it looks as it spreads over the body.)

Level: (What level is the mark? If you are just creating this mark, put level 1. When you've met the requirements to level two, your app will be modified.)

Village: (What is your character's home village? This is just to help us keep track of who's who)

How was it obtained? (This is self-explanatory but all you have to put here is your 300 word post you find in the rules)

[u][b]Curse Mark Appearance:[/u][/b]
[u][b]How was it obtained?[/u][/b]
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Curse Mark Template
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