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 Bijuu List

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PostSubject: Bijuu List   Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:10 am

Alright, the 9 bijuu are up for grabs IF you really want them. Becoming a bijuu host means that you WILL be hunted for your power as a jinchuuriki.

Now, I know that even though the tailed beasts have all been revealed, not all of their abilities have. This is where YOU, the jinchuuriki comes in. For tailed beasts who haven't had their abilities revealed yet, their jinchuuriki are able to create them but be creative.

One-Tailed Shukaku

Personality:Shukaku is cunning, but also incoherent, giving it the demeanor of a drunkard, which fits well with the typical depictions of tanuki in Japanese folklore. Shukaku itself translates to "drunk" in Japanese. Like other tailed beasts, its innate rage and bloodlust influences its behavior. According to Gaara, Shukaku relishes the opportunity to kill anyone in sight, even more so during a full moon.

Jinchuuriki Ability:As Shukaku's jinchūriki, Gaara has the ability to move and levitate sand at will. In addition, Shukaku protects him at all times with the Shield of Sand, regardless of his will (even self-inflicted injuries are prevented by the sand). When angry or in a state of bloodlust, Gaara can use the sand in his gourd to take on the form of a miniature Shukaku, or even create a giant copy of Shukaku's body.

Two-Tailed Monster Cat

Personality: N/A

Jinchuuriki Ability: Not much is known about the Two-Tails' power, expect for its brute strength and its ability to breathe fire. It also has flexible muscles, giving it speed despite its large size.

Three-Tailed Giant Turtle

Personality: N/A

Jichuuriki Ability: Of the beast's more specialized abilities, it could produce a hallucinogenic mist that exploited the victim's insecurities and forced the victim to face them. It could also shoot two concentrated blasts of chakra with water at the same time. When it swallowed something, thousands of "mini-clones" of itself would attack what it had eaten within its gut, presumably to facilitate digestion.

Four-Tailed Monkey

Personality: N/A

Jinchuuriki Ability: Not much is known about the Four-Tails' power, except its ability to mix its earth and fire natures, and shoot lava from its mouth; a nature which hasn't been seen outside the realm of kekkei genkai.

Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse

Personality: N/A

Jinchuuriki Ability: N/A

Six-Tailed Slug


Jinchuuriki Ability: (Although this says the bubbles are ninjutsu related, this will be bijuu related ability)
In the anime, this style of ninjutsu is shown to be very versatile. Capable of tactics beyond simply harming opponents, the bubble jutsu grants Utakata a wide array of offensive and defensive options in combat. With Exploding Bubble, an example of an offensive skill, Utakata emits streams of explosive bubbles that detonate at will. Utakata can also craft dozens of ink-filled bubbles that can immobilize and kill opponents instantly without leaving any trace of them, another offensive variation. Defensively, the bubbles are equally adaptable. Using the Floating Bubble Technique, Utakata can transport and conceal himself simultaneously. He can also create an enormous bubble barrier to protect himself or his allies from attacks like an Exploding tag.

Utakata is able to create some bubbles without the use of his bubble blower. In one instance, when Shiranami's technique was pursuing a messenger bird, Utakata popped his floating bubble and conjured another beneath his feet while his bubble blower was occupied with defending the bird.

Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle

Personality: N/A

Jinchuuriki Ability: N/A

Eight-Tailed Giant Ox

Personality: Since Killer Bee is one of the few jinchūriki to gain control over his tailed beast, his relationship with the Eight-Tails is very relaxed. Where the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox constantly threatens its jinchūriki and must be either restrained or confined to be spoken to, Bee and the Eight-Tails can talk leisurely, with Killer Bee even sitting on top of its muzzle. However, Bee tends to annoy the Eight-Tails to comical effect. Before Bee learned to control it, the Eight-Tails was infamous to be wild, violent, and went on many rampages when its former jinchūriki would lose control over it.

Despite the Eight-Tails' friendly relationship with Killer Bee, the Eight-Tails' main goal, like the other beasts, is self preservation. For example, it was more than willing to be released and destroy Kisame Hoshigaki despite Sabu and Ponta being close by. However, behind the brutal appearance, the Eight-Tails is shown to have a good analytical ability, as it told Killer Bee that if he left Ponta and Sabu and run in the opposite direction Kisame and the water will follow him and they (Sabu and Ponta) will be free. The Eight-Tails mentioned that it used to be much more aggressive and violent but that Killer Bee changed it. It also said that it doesn't like the Nine-Tails but insisted that it was no reason for Bee to refuse helping Naruto take control over it, hinting a benevolent side.

Abilities: With its great supply of chakra, the Eight-Tails can fire massive chakra blasts. During Naruto's battle with the Nine-Tails within his subconscious, it was shown that the Eight-Tails had enough strength to temporarily restrain and contain a direct blast from the Nine-Tails.[4][5] However, despite its immense size, it does not endure the secondary effects of powerful attacks just as much as the Nine-Tails can, as Sasuke Uchiha's Chidori Sharp Spear and Amaterasu techniques proved effective against it. In continuation with its octopus theme, it can use ink.

jinchuuriki Abilities:[u]
[u]-Can naturally expel ink
(Killer Bee demonstrated this by sticking his finger in his mouth and writing with his ink covered finger like a pen.)
-Amazing dexterity (Killer bee was able to effectively wield 8 swords all at once)
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Bijuu List
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