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 The Story

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PostSubject: The Story   Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:04 pm

Remnants of the past have suddenly returned and in a flash they were gone...

In the time following Uchiha Madara's death, peace has reigned over the ninja world. The nations put aside their differences and put all their focus into strengthening their ties. A treaty was needed; a sign of trust and the unification of the five major villages.

The whereabouts of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path...

The Demonic Statue of the Outer Path was to serve as this treaty. An underground chamber was built to house this statue was located directly under Konoha. All neighboring villages had access to this chamber through underground tunnels. Tunnels riddled with booby traps should an intruder try to get to the chamber. It was this chamber the statue was preserved and kept as the holder of the 9 bijuu until the dark day that the kage may have to rely on their power once more. Through advanced study and research, ninja developed a jutsu with the statue's ability to safely remove the 2 remaining bijuu from Naruto and Killer Bee. With only the kage having access to this chamber, the statue stayed untouched for over a hundred years. Peace continued to reign.

Revival of the Ten-Tailed Beast, Jubi...

A dark day for the ninja world...The moon hung high in the sky, one of the village leaders had an insatiable thirst for knowledge...
A descendant of the rinnegan sage he discovered the history of Uchiha Madara and decided that he could do what the Uchiha couldn't and carry out the"Moon's Eye Plan" through use of the rinnegan. Although, the statue had been modified to release or absorb bijuu's when all kage were in attendance, this rinnegan descendant was able to easily bypass its restraints. Forcing open the lock of the statue and releasing the beasts was only "phase 1".
The beasts raged and rampaged leveling all villages in their path. With all the village leaders' focus on containing the beasts, the rinnegan descendant could focus on bringing the moon closer to the planet. The seas raged and enveloped the land, destroying crops, drowning animals and people. Lands disappeared, submerged in the rising sea. The rinnegan failed to see the damage taking place his full attention on the moon. He believed that the beasts couldn't cause too much damage before he drew in the moon. It seemed as though no more damage could be made but it would seemed that the sage's descendant bit off more than he could chew.
The moon came close enough that it couldn't fully be seen on any place on the planet when the bijuu suddenly stopped. They froze and shuttered as the moon came close. In mere moments, they disappeared, transformed into pure masses of chakra and absorbed by the moon from all parts of the globe. It than gained alarming speed as it made contact with the earth. It cracked like an egg and exploded to reveal the ten-tailed best, Jubi. The skies turned red as if its presence alone made the sky bleed profusely. When the sage's descendant saw what had been done, he lost sight of himself. The villages were reduced to rubble, the land was no longer habitable, it was dead silence. All that could be heard was the roar of the Jubi. The sage's descendant desparately wanted to fix what he had done. He challenged the Jubi. They fought for days but the Jubi could not be stopped. It was then that the sage attempted to do what his great ancestor did and divide the chakra into 9 beasts. Reversing the the combination process, he was finally able to separate the beasts and took a step further. He put the beasts into a hibernating state only to be awakened once with a host or when its life is threatened. The body of the jubi stored in the core of the earth, it was clear that the planet would die if not restored but the human race was dying out. There was no one to make the attempt. So, the sage's final act to save the globe was to reach his hands into several alternate dimensions and distort them. Almost combining the dimensions to gather the people nescesary to restore the planet. He spoke to all who were gathered, "You all now share the same fate. It is up to you where your future lies.". The memories of their dimensions erased they were now on their own....


Your world, our world is in shambles...Many animal species have died out, villages have been reduced to rubble, trees are bare, the seas are violently eroding the land, the moon no longer exists and the 9 bijuu are in hibernation scattered across the ninja world. Some ninja have been appointed as village leaders and have begun rebuilding their villages. The world is completely vulnerable, will you help restore it or will you attempt to control it? What is your destiny?
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The Story
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