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 D-Rank Missions

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PostSubject: D-Rank Missions   Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:26 pm

Mission Title:Dog Walking

Mission Location:Amegakure

Rank: D

Mission Description: Jiijan-san's dog, Kidomaru, needs walking while he's out of town. Unfortunately, Kidomaru's extremely sharp teeth rip through any leash tied around his neck with ease. This mission will test how well you deal with unfavorable situations.

Requirements for Success:
-Walk Kidomaru
-Kidomaru has to break free from his leash at least once
-Do not let Kidomaru die
-Length of this mission must be AT LEAST 500 words

D-Rank Jutsu Scroll of choice - Free(No points needed to learn)
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D-Rank Missions
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