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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:48 pm

1. NO ONE LINERS!!! Can't stress this enough, each post must be AT LEAST 50 words. Anything less will result in a warning.

2. Proper Grammar. You don't have to be proper when talking to another member when out of character but when you are in character, use the spell check.

3. When role playing, talk in the third person. Everything your character says must be in quotes and when you want to briefly talk out of character, type (OOC:). Whatever message you have will go in between the parenthesis. When your character is having thoughts, you may italisize what they are thinking or put in between brackets, ex. [ ].

4. No killing other charactersNow, of course, there are circumstances that will allow you to deliver a finishing blow but before you are approved by an admin, you can't auto kill. If they want you to kill them, that's fine just let one of us know. Once your dead, that's it. "You" can't come back but your body may be used as a summon temporarily.

5. Be Active If you're absent for a week, you will be sent an email. If it is not answered in 48 hours or you don't have a good enough reason why you weren't active, well, it's pretty self explanatory what happens.

6. Absolutely NO GODMODDING!! Too many times i've seen a battle where people decided to control other people's movements. Not here. Unless there is a VERY specifc jutsu that allows that AND it is approved by the admins (which a seriously doubt will happen), no godmodding.

7. No Spam If your post hasn't been looked at after a day or so, you can bump it but I don't want people putting little one liner crap for each post saying things like "I'm hungry". One warning. After that, your out.

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The Rules
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