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 Rules for Bloodline

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PostSubject: Rules for Bloodline   Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:42 am

All right, just to get these out of the way, the three doujutsu we've all come to know and love; Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan will limited.

For those of you reading the naruto manga (and I won't spoil it) know that the sharingan is WAY too overpowered. I mean let's be honest. But, I will still allow you to get sharingan. DO NOT FORGET the whole "blindness factor" the mangekyo brings about. Although there will be restrictions, most of what you've seen in both the anime and manga will be allowed; so yes, eternal mangekyo is allowed but the effectiveness of all other jutsu you possess will be cut in half. I am fair and just.

RINNEGAN...I have to think that over. For now, I am the only one to hold the rinnegan so don't get your hopes up.

Byakugan. Go for it. I mean its not over powered so go crazy however, there will be main branch and side branch Hyuuga that, for the time being, I will choose who goes where.

Now for the other rules Yaaaaaaayyy.....

1. The more power your bloodline has, the more draw backs it must have. For example; the sharingan gives you amazing abilities as the mangekyo sharingan gives you overwhelming abilities but, after extended use, you will go blind.

2. Now I know a lot of you may want to create a bloodline, get it approved, and start RPing as a descendant from said clan but, it would make things a bit too chaotic on our side. We can't just let anyone stroll in and make a bloodline. So the rule here is, applying for a bloodline costs 100 points. HOWEVER, starting from one of our existing clans is free.

3. Just remember, clans and bloodlines are generally separate here. To create a clan is free but to develop a bloodline costs points.

4. If you've already formed a clan and had it approved, you can have members of your clan contribute a portion of points so that it will be easier to develop a bloodline. For example, the members in your clan want to develop a bloodline but none of you have the number of points needed. You can each contribute a portion of points you already have and, as long as it all adds up to a hundred, it is valid.

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Rules for Bloodline
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