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 Mole Summoning Contract

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PostSubject: Mole Summoning Contract   Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:13 pm

I created this to give an example. Feel free to add personal summons to this scroll, it's valid.

Animal: Mole

Element: Earth

Essentially, it is an underground city created by the moles. It's called Wurram Terra. There are many tunnels that are well lit by glowing crystals that are dug up from beneath the earth. The bridges that run across open areas are rarely seen as the moles don't necessarily have use for them. They are usually made by humans who have signed the contract along with the moles who want to make their home more human friendly.

King Summon:
Boubosu is the king of Wurram Terra. He wears weapons on his paws that are a mix between katars and gauntlets. They are extremely sharp and along his forehead blade, he can pierce through earth and rock like a hot knife through butter. He is a very strict leader when it comes to barking orders to the other moles. As his face may suggest, he is a very aggressive leader. He won't hesitate to leave behind one of his followers if they prove incompetent. Along with his tough personality, he is very prideful. He humiliates his enemies by calling them weak after defeating them. He never backs down from a challenge or refuses to show off in front of his followers. Legend has it that he has a heart under his very hard exterior but he has yet to show any emotion other than anger and pride. When summoned, he often won't respond to orders given to him unless he is hit hard by the threat you are currently facing or if you grovel and beg on your knees proclaiming that he's much stronger than you. In other words, to get him to listen to you, you have to stroke his ego. He is as large a minivan and hits hard like a freight train.
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Mole Summoning Contract
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