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 Summoning Jutsu Template

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PostSubject: Summoning Jutsu Template   Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:26 pm

Alright, I understand that weapons and other items can be summoned by scroll but this section is specifically for animal summons. I will probably categorized the weapon summons under battle items.


1. You can only sign your name to one scroll.

2. Sages ARE allowed. I know most sites don't have sage mode because it's a bit over powered but we have limiters so no one has to feel helpless.

3. For the one who first signs the scroll, they can become the holder of the scroll or leave it with their village for easy access to others who may want to sign their names to it. Otherwise, whoever wants to sign the scroll has to come find you.

4. There can't be multiple scrolls with the same animal. I don't care if they are of different elements. If you want a personal animal summon and the scroll for the same animal has already been created, add it to the approved scroll with the personal summon template I leave at the bottom of the page.

Copy and use the template below to register a scroll

Animal: (What animal does the scroll represent?)

Element: (Like humans, the animal summons can have any element. Here I'd like you to put what primary element(s) are the summons most likely to have.)

Dimension: (What is the name of the place they live. The toads reside on Mt. Myoboku for example. Also add what their residence looks like. A picture will suffice with little description.)

King Summon: (Because you are creating the scroll, you must create the leader of said scroll. Ex: King Enma, Great Toad Sage. Add a picture of the king or create a detailed desciption of the king's appearance along with a detailed description of their personality.)




[b][u]King Summon:[/b][/u][/center]

Here is the template for personal summons:

Name: (What is the name of your personal summon?)

Species: (What is the animal?)

Element: (What is the element of the animal?)

Appearance: (What does your personal animal summon look like? Pictures are good but you also need a detailed description including weapons they may use)

Personality: (That's right, personality. These animal summons are much like humans even if some of them don't speak. DETAIL.)

History: (Now don't freak out. All you have to write here is how you met your animal summon and how'd you come to terms with it so that it agreed to be your personal summon. You don't have to go crazy with this.)

Here is the personal summon template. Copy and post it. NOT HERE. Just post it where the scroll registrations are posted.


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Summoning Jutsu Template
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