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 Jutsu Template

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PostSubject: Jutsu Template   Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:48 am


1. If the custom jutsu you're attempting to create is related to your bloodline or clan in any way, you must have approval from the founder of your clan/bloodline.

2. Albeit true that the "rasengan" is a custum jutsu technique, it has already been created. You can't register it here, you'd have to learn it from someone who knows it but I won't get off topic. This has to be a technique that hasn't already been done

3. Mixing 2 separate elements into one is not a new jutsu, it's a bloodline. Try not to get that confused.

Creating jutsu is totally free but you have to train it. In other words, find a place in your village or somewhere outside and write the corresponding amount of words describing how you mastered it. Make sure that your jutsu training is reviewed and approved before using it.

D rank= 100 words
C rank= 250 words
B rank= 400 words
A rank= 500 words
S rank= 1k words


Name: (What is the name of the technique?)

Rank: (What rank is this techniques intended to be? After looking over the application, we will judge if the jutsu is properly ranked)

Type: (What type of jutsu is it? Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjustu, etc.)

Element: (Does your jutsu use a specific element? If not put "None")

Weakness: (Not to be confused with what can defeat it. Here we are asking what are the drawbacks to using this jutsu? Usually, custom jutsu have big drawbacks but for low ranked jutsu, the drawback can be as small as "loss of chakra")

Description: (How does it work? Be very descriptive.)

Copy and use the template below


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Jutsu Template
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