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 Bloodline Template

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PostSubject: Bloodline Template   Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:55 am

Keep in mind that when creating a bloodline, you must be part of a clan.. We try to separate the two as not all clans have or are known for bloodlines. THey are also known for their specialties in jutsu, weapon crafting, etc.

ALSO! If you are creating the bloodline yourself, you must be ranked an SS ninja before doing so as the process of creating a kekkei genkai is said to be nearly impossible, you better believe we're following suit

Clan Name: (This is the name of the clan this bloodline has derived from. Unless you're creating it from scratch.)

Bloodline name: (Does your bloodline ability have a name? If not, leave blank)

Appearance: (Explain how your bloodline, once activated, changes your appearance if it does at all. Pictures are good but we also require a detailed description. 2 paragraphs.)

Bloodline Ability: (What ability does your bloodline give you? You MUST explain this in a lot of detail as this her is the whole reason you're applying. 100 words minimum.)

Element: (Ties in with the ability. Does this ability use a specific element or maybe changes depending on what element you use it with? Leave blank otherwise.)

Special Jutsu: (List at least 2 special jutsu that only members of your bloodline can use.)

Copy and use the template below to fill out your application

[b][u]Clan Name:[/b][/u]

[b][u]Bloodline name:[/b][/u]


[b][u]Bloodline Ability:[/b][/u]


[b][u]Special Jutsu:[/b][/u]


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Bloodline Template
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