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 Doragon Clan

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PostSubject: Doragon Clan   Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:50 pm

Clan Name: Doragon Clan

Founders: Clan Descendant

Home village: Kumogakure

People that are born into this clan are usually born with this insignia on some part of their body. As children, members of this clan are given clothes and equipment with the clan insignia on them.

Tradition/Customs: As stated above, members of this clan are born with the clan insignia. This mark is directly connected to their bloodline ability. To be explained more in detail in the bloodline section, members can lose their marks after triggering certain events. This severs their ties to their ability but it fails to affect those descended from those who have lost their marks.
Members of this clan tend to follow the tradition of wearing clothes with built in armor; somewhat like bullet proof vests (ie. flak jackets) However, these clothes are made to look normal. The reason they wear this is to symbolize dragon scales even though their skin is already abnormally tough. Their clothes also have the clan insignia located on different parts of them.
When the children of this clan have matured or have reached a rank of at least chunin, they can challenge a more senior member of the clan to earn their final rights of the bloodline; Complete Transformation. The two will battle and the senior member will decide whether the junior member is ready to obtain their birthright. Specific requirements must be met before this can be done. Those who have passed the test from that point on are recognized as seniors of the clan.
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Doragon Clan
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