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 Bijuu Application

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PostSubject: Bijuu Application   Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:16 pm

Here is the Bijuu Application format.

Name- Your character's name
Beast- The tailed beast you want
Species- (This only applies to the four, five, six, and seven tails jinchuuriki) The animal your beast is.
Appearance- Describe what the beast looks like. (pictures are good but I also have to have a basic understanding of how the beast moves and attacks. Again this applies to the four to seven tail bijuu)
Ability- (This applies to the bijuu that don't have a benefit other than a chakra increase) What are the benefits of the beasts?(You can have up to three and choose two more once you reach jonin level)
Weaknesses- What are the drawbacks from having the beast inside you?
Bijuu Trigger- What releases the bijuu's power? (In gaara's case, loneliness and anger triggers it. With naruto, Anger, sadness, getting beat up to the point where he can't move, determination to win at any cost, etc.)(You can summon it's chakra at will once chuunin level)
Inner Dungeon- Your Bijuu is sealed within you, how does that inner world look like?
Personality- (This can go for all the Bijuu) How does your Bijuu act?
Seal- How was it sealed inside of you? (4 paragraphs(21 sentences)or more)

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Bijuu Application
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